Did you know that how much information you have on your website can have a positive or a negative effect on how long someone remains on your website? Did you know that there is a quick way to minimise the negative effect?

The Positive Effect

The main reason people go onto your website is to learn about what you can do for them. They want to learn about your products or services and how they can utilise them for their benefit. So having a lot of information about how you can assist them, how you’ve assisted others (and therefore can assist them) all works to your favour. Having glowing reviews and testimonials helps to build trust in your potential client’s eyes. All of these types of things can keep people on your website, can assist in ensuring that when it comes time for them to pick a service or product to use, that they choose you.

The Negative Effect

Websites that have too much going on can have a massive detrimental effect on keeping on the website. Why? Because it leads to distractions, and distractions can be your worst enemy! Do you have too much information that isn’t essential? Do you have links to things that take people away from your website? Worst still, do those links open in the same window as your website? Each of these things can take people away from your website or worst still, distract people away from your website so they forget which site they were on to begin with.

The Layout Change

So what change should you make?

Look over your site and remove anything unessential to your business that can distract and take people away from the message you are portraying about your services or products. If you need to have links to other websites, make sure that they open in a new tab. Why? Because that way, once they finish doing whatever you sent them to do on that website, yours is still there and prominent so people can’t forget where they were.

By basically cleaning your website up, and making it more streamlined, you make it easier for people to find the information that they need to help them make a decision about you. You keep them on your site for longer and that’s what matters.

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