A small selection of web builds I’ve completed.

Web builds are an amazing way to get creative and help businesses and individuals with building their authority, enhancing their credibility and basically the start of getting known.

I’ve built numerous websites over the years, and these are some of my favourites for various reasons.

Empowerment Expert, Empowerment Coach & Motivational Speaker

I love this design as it uses bright, happy colours, one of which I normally wouldn’t consider using myself. Like majority of my sites, it embraces white space and clean lines.

The site is built in Divi and has differing header image for the phone version as opposed to the desktop/tablet version. It has integration with MailChimp and uses social sharing icons.

A mentor for women who have disconnected from their true self

Belinda had a very specific idea for how her site should look. Uncluttered, elegant and with plenty of white space but vibrant colours to capture attention.

This site build included WooCommerce, integration with MailChimp and custom CSS. Made using Divi.

A Product Development Specialist, Author and Successful Business Owner

Kleo’s website has changed a lot since I developed it, but that was because I designed the basic design for her to then build upon as she wanted to handle a lot of it herself and then taught her how.

This site build was made using Divi.

Personal blog site

This is my personal website, well, one of them… but I still love it. I use this site to experiment with layouts and looks along the way, like I do with my business site.

This site has integration with Instagram, and was made using Divi.

Works in Progress.

These are coming soon.

Mark’s Dents and Dings – Paintless Dent Removal Specialist

Marketing Sense Home Page Redesign

Emma Gee Home Page Redesign

The Office Maven Redesign