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I’m rebranding and will be slowly winding up The Office Maven name. Check out or click the button below.

New business; focusing specifically on website builds plus maintenance.

Maven Mauve
You slave away to keep your website and
social media presence updated when all you
want to do is focus on your ideal clients.

I take the hassle out of it for you.

You slave away to keep your website and social media presence updated when all you want to do is focus on your ideal clients.

I take the hassle out of it for you.

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My Services

Businesses need clean, elegant, and easy to maintain websites. Too often, new websites are featureless or overly complicated. The sites I create are designed with your business in mind.

Each site is customed designed, with your needs taken into consideration.

The use of white space ensures that people won't find your site cluttered, but that doesn't mean that your site is boring. Instead, features and functions are balanced perfectly with a crisp, modern look. Speak to me today about the look you have in mind for your site.



Clean, elegant, minimal pages. Brochure sites give clients a taste of your business without you having to have too much content.



Taking brochure sites to the next level! A combination of static information, and regular, new content being added via a blog.


Ecommerce / Membership

Moving beyond brochure sites, and into online stores or membership sites (or both). Elegantly themed, and incredibly functional.

It's difficult when you are busy to find time to update content on your website. You'd rather be spending the time and effort of thinking up content, researching it and writing it doing other things. Or maybe, you just don't like writing.

Here's the thing. I love writing and I love learning new things. Let me look after the content creation and work with you, on behalf of you, to have regular content going out on your website which can then be changed into multiple, other, forms of content!

Need the blogs to be specific? Record the content you want included in the blog, and I'll transcribe it and turn it into a cohesive post.

Let's have a discussion about how I can help you with your content!


Blog Planning

Monthly meetings/check ins to work out with you what you want the focus for the next month to be on, to be able to tie your content into any marketing areas you need it to.


Blog Writing

Blogs written, or transcribed, based on the topics discussed in the meeting.


Blog Scheduling

Never have to worry about when content will go out again! I'll take care of the scheduling for you. All I need to know is which day/s of the week you want content to go up on your site on.

Social media, itself, isn't difficult but the ongoing changes in best practices, finding time to post or even finding relevant content to post, can all be time consuming or boring.

I spend all day, nearly every day, online and on social media. I am made aware when best practices or posting algorithms change realitively quickly; so let me worry about getting your timing and post quality right while you focus on your clients.

My posting on your behalf doesn't even need to take away from your own! Let me build the consistency for you, and you post any additional posts whenever you want.



Working with you to ensure that content is relevant for your focus each month.



Developing new content, or curating relevant industry related content, to go out as planned.



Ensuring that posts are going out at times when your audience is most likely to be online.

How I work



Via Skype, Zoom or sometimes in person, we meet to discuss your needs and if I can fulfil them.



I put together a package and proposal which will go through the brief of what I will be providing you.



This is design of the website, or social media images, that will be utilised.



Building the site, creating the content and social media images. This can be a one off creation or ongoing development.



Revisions and edits to ensure that it’s meeting your standards. Your business is your baby, so I understand that you need to ensure that what’s being produced for you is spot on.



Your website goes live; your posts are scheduled so your month’s worth of work is delivered conveniently.

Ready to get started?


Why Don't You Have Pricing On Your Site?
The main reason I don’t include my pricing list is because every package I create for a client is custom and based off their needs; so what suits you won’t suit someone else and that means there’s way too many pricing possibilities.


I'm On A Budget But Need A Website
We all have times when we are on a budget and can’t spend as much money as it sometimes takes to get what you want. Still book in for a discovery session – I offer payment plans and can tailor packages to your budget needs.

How Long Will My Site Take?
I always tell clients that my build time is 2 months to build in time in case things aren’t sent across to me in time. However, I can turn around and deliver a site in 2 weeks if everything is sent to me to begin with. The biggest delay in getting a site delivered is not having the content when required.

Do You Post Daily/Weekly/Monthly On My Blog/Social Media?
This is part of the reason we have a discovery session. While it’s beneficial to have regular content being uploaded on your website and social media, it can become costly to you. I work with you to build a reliable and regular schedule that suits your business.


Do I Need To Give You Passwords?
Once we work out whether I am suitable for you, and what exactly I will be doing on your behalf, I will need access to your accounts. This can be done with setting me up as an admin on your site (or Facebook page) or through giving me your passwords (either directly, or securely through LastPass).

Do You Do Ongoing Maintenance?
The simple answer is YES! The longer answer is, I offer a variety of web hosting and maintenance packages which we can discuss in our discovery call.

Happy Clients

… The attention to detail was immaculate and everything was delivered on time and to a high standard …


… Anne has been a godsend in getting my website looking right, functioning correctly in the back end as well and linking to all the social media, etc. that would enhance it’s use …


…The attention to detail was immaculate and everything was delivered on time and to a high standard…


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