I know, I’m kind of late to joining Pinterest and using it as a business tool, but I know I am not the last person to join and learn the benefits of it.

Yes, for those of you who don’t use Pinterest for business purposes, there is more to the site than recipes, fashion, wedding ideas, make up and fitness. And if you fit into any of those categories for your business, you really should be embracing Pinterest.

The following reasons are why Pinterest is quickly gaining a position of my favourite social media platform:

  1. Gaining popularity
  2. Gain inspiration quickly
  3. Easy to use
  4. Not a lot of competition, yet
  5. Analytics

Gaining Popularity

Like myself, there is a lot of people discovering Pinterest and so it’s growing bigger, and becoming more popular for businesses to use. As of April 2017 there was 175 million active users (up from 150 million in January 2017). This rapid growth isn’t surprising as there are so many different ideas on Pinterest, that it can be a quick way to …

Gain Inspiration Quickly

Need ideas to keep kids busy during school holidays? There’s thousands of pins for that. Need recipes for a special occassion? There’s pins for that too. How about content ideas for your blog? Yep, plenty of pins for that as well.

I am regularly pinning ideas for how to come up with topics, titles etc. for blog content; as well as social media ideas, web design ideas. I look at things and see what I think would work for me to include, or did I disagree on something. FInding things that could be worthwhile sharing and a whole heap of other ideas. And because it’s so easy to use, it makes it my most regularly updated platform.

Easy To Use

Getting started on Pinterest is simple and can be addictive. You can easily schedule regular content to be pinned to your boards within minutes making it one of the most simple social media platforms to use.

Not A Lot Of Competition, Yet

At this stage, there actually isn’t a lot of high powered competition for your niche on Pinterest. As long as you are pinning interesting content relevant to your niche, you will see traffic. Of course, there are ways to harness the power of Pinterest, but that’s for another day.


One of the things I love most about Pinterest is the analytics section for business accounts. It can give you so much more insight than what you would expect including demographic analytics. In fact, recently I’ve had more traffic hitting my website from Pinterest than I have from Facebook.

So there’s my reasons why i’m a Pinterest convert. I’m still learning things, but that makes it more fun. If you want to check me out I’m found at The Office Maven.

What about you? Do you use Pinterest? Let me know your username and I’ll check you out!

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