For the month of March, I was finishing reading the book Everybody Writes! by Ann Handley.

What’s it about?

This book looks at the fact that regardless of what you do, you write. It looks at the types of writing and how to write better for those types.

Reason I chose this book

I had been reading a blog by another Content Creator, and they commented how they recommended their interns to read the book. So I thought it might be a good one for me to look at too.

Writing style

Ann assumes a number of things, which she mentions in the first chapter of the book, including that you have a basic knowledge of English. And while she mentions that she means grammar, spelling, usage and punctuation; she also means that as long as you realise that it’s English and not a rhinoceros, it should give you an idea on type of writing style she has.

Biggest lessons

This point really hit home the change in perspective that I’ve had about content creation as I keep writing for more and more clients.

Approach Content with ‘Mind Like Water’.

Regardless of what you are writing about, there are stories. Sure, the topics might not be those that you would think most would find interesting, but the stories are there. As I tell clients that I help with planning content, just because you know about the topic doesn’t mean others do. Tell your story, and it’s incredible to see what people find interesting. Write with passion and your voice and the battle is over half way done.


This book was helpful in terms of reiterating what I knew and expanded on my understanding of why writing, in any form, is so important. It’s a great book for those starting out with writing, as well as those who have been doing it for a while. Loads of topics covered without feeling like you’re having too much information crammed into your head.

Do you have a favourite writing book? Let me know below!

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