People often debate whether they should worry about email marketing, or even running a simple newsletter (which is it’s own form of marketing because it’s working on a long term strategy instead of a short term marketing strategy).

I made some comments in last week’s post about:

According to around 60% of marketers, emails can be more effective than social media. Having a large Facebook following doesn’t actually mean that that number of people see your content. In fact, the larger the following the smaller the reach.

But email marketing allows you to reach even more than what you would through social media. In 2014, it was reported that the opening rate of an email marketing campaign was just under 22%. That doesn’t sound like much, until you consider that on Facebook you are averaging a reach of 1.6-2% depending on fan likes.

I’d received a message in reply to it asking to expand on what it actually meant and what were some other advantages there was to look into email marketing; and so, here it is.

Consider if you had an email list of 1000 people and a Facebook page with 2,000 likes. If we calculate 22% and 2% respectively, then you end up with –

Email opening rate: ~220 people opening your emails
Facebook reach: ~40 people seeing your post*

*Now, keep in mind, that Facebook rewards interaction. So if your post is a good one, then the number of people who see it will increase.

Other advantages

Besides the likelihood of being viewed by more people, there are other advantages to email marketing. For example:

  • Targeted offers to reward those who have signed up
  • Ability to split test offers and catchy subject lines
  • Ability to segment and target marketing based on various segmentation
  • Good reporting
  • Cost effective (depending on who you use, there can be no cost to market as opposed to promoted posts etc.)
  • And the list belongs to you!

The last point is the most important in my mind.

If Facebook were to close down tomorrow, how many of your ‘likes’ would remember your information to be able to find you again?

Your email marketing list belongs to you. It’s a constant means of communication. Yes, I know the argument could be made for what if your online marketing solution closed down and while that’s true… they offer the easy means of backing up your lists. If you make it a habit of backing up semi regularly, you won’t have to start from scratch again if the worst was to happen like you would from social media.

Now, that’s not to say social media isn’t a good way to do marketing. In fact, it’s an extremely good way to promote excellent customer service and allow for the word of mouth referrals to trickle through. But email marketing offers the ability to do some things that social media marketing doesn’t allow for.

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