I recently took the plunge into using Instagram for my business after only using it personally and I love it. I’ve been getting heaps of likes and several comments on various tips that I am sharing on there but the main reason I love it is because it allows me to share not just tips, but glimpses into my life around my business. Adding the all important human aspect that is a driving force in trust and relatability. This is especially important for life coaches and personal development coaches to be able to share.

Why is it important for coaches?

Because it shows that you practice what it is that you are preaching. That you do the things you advise others to do.

How do I maximise my Instagram posts?

Motivational quotes, tips & advice, and your own lifestyle related posts are all worthwhile looking at doing. But it’s the comments and the hashtags that you use that are so important. A great rule of thumb is to utilise only a few hashtags in the actual post, then use the comments section to add in the remainder.

Recently it’s been suggested three hashtags in the post, then up to 30 within the comment. If you want to add more within the post, look at no more than 7. If you add more than 30 hashtags, it just won’t post!

What makes a good hashtag?

Use hashtags that are relevant to your image, your business and your target market. For example, recent tips I have been adding have all been related to SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and visual optimisation of websites, so my hashtags have all be related to those two topics.

If I was to post a photo of myself doing something, I would look at ways I can tie my hashtags in to how the image would suit my potential clients and my current business.

What other benefits are there to using hashtags?

You can tie those hashtags into your marketing campaign. Use certain hashtags across your social media platforms, allowing you to easily find things to share across the platforms when it’s time to reuse content.

By playing around with the hashtags you use, you can find what ones suit your business best. See what gets people clicking like on your photos.

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