I’ve been feeling a bit underwhelmed with things recently, at least when it came to my own business. I felt stuck. It was easier for me to focus on my clients instead of focusing on my business and where I could grow it.

So, I did some reading and these four tips I found made the biggest difference in my mindset.


Mindfulness is big at the moment, and for good reason. We spend so much time focusing on other areas that we don’t focus on ourselves. With the end of the year approaching, I spent time reflecting on the things I had done this year that I really enjoyed and what I was struggling with to work out which areas I could motivate myself more with and areas of things I could let go, that were holding me back and making me drag my feet.

I realised that one of my clients, one I loved as a client as I believed in their purpose, had work which was no longer interesting to me and I was struggling to fit them in despite having deadlines in place. The main reason the work was no longer interesting, was that it was a lot of data entry without needing me to think or research or learn to evolve within the role. I discovered that the administration side of being a Virtual Assistant was no longer something I wanted to offer.

Change Perspective

That realisation led me to think that if the administration side of things was something I was no longer something I wanted to offer, what things did I want to offer?

I spent time changing my perspective of who I was as a business owner and started developing concepts that reflected it more.

I spent time analysing what was holding me back and how do I change the way I looked at those tasks, concepts and beliefs.

Reassess Goals

Surprisingly, it was while working on a blog post for a client that I realised that I needed to reassess my goals. Not surprisingly, the topic of the blog post was all about reflection over the past year and why it was important.

One of the things that I learnt during working on that blog was that we often don’t focus on whether goals still do resonate with us.

Through my change in perspective, I applied my new way of thinking about things to those goals I had set. Ones I felt were still relevant, I kept. Those I felt didn’t, I challenged myself to see if any part of them felt right or if they felt completely wrong. Those I felt were completely wrong, I binned.

Small Changes

Through the reassessing of goals, I made a few changes as to the goals that were partially right, to make them more relevant to me now.

Other small changes I made during the past few months included:

  • Letting go of clients I no longer felt I was serving in the best way
  • Bringing on subbies to help me out when I was busy to help me manage my capacity
  • Connecting with people with skills I didn’t have that I can refer people to, who do similar with me
  • Outsourcing some of my work to others

These four tips had the biggest impact on me. I’m feeling refreshed, ready for a bigger challenge and already reaping some of the benefits.

I hope you have as much success applying these tips as I did. Let me know if you have any other methods of getting unstuck.

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