During my research while writing blogs for clients, I discovered that people kept telling me the same thing when it came to those who were successful. As I read and listened to the information, these same five categories kept coming up. So here is my five ways to enjoy more success.

Exercise Your Mind

Push your mind to its limits to expand it and exercise it. Read regularly, learn new things and challenge yourself with puzzles and mind games. Why? Because it allows you to open your mind to new ways of thinking which can help you identify new solutions to problems and areas where you can expand and develop.

Practice Gratitude

Gratitude is all about being thankful and showing appreciation. By being thankful about people as well as situations, it allows you to open your mind to kindness and others are more willing to assist you to progress and drive your success. People are more willing to respond positively if you practice gratitude regularly.

Reflect & Meditate

Whether you are taking time to reflect over events, or the year itself, or spending time meditating; both forms help your brain reduce stress and increase concentration. Why? Because you are allowing your body time to relax beyond just sleeping. Meditation allows you to time to shift the focus onto your breathing, whereas reflection allows you to let go of things that may have caused stress and tension in your life. Reflection, meditation and gratitude allow you to maintain a positive mental attitude.


Goals give you something to focus on, a way of measuring your performance. SMART goals are the type of goals that most people set but can be limiting and disheartening if missed. Other ways people suggest for setting goals is to have one major goal and then take an action towards the goal every day. Reassessment of goals regularly is vital to ensure the goal is still relevant to your plans and desires.

Exercise Your Body

Getting moving is one of the best things for your success! Exercising your body has so many benefits beyond being fit. Time away from work allows for you to unwind and decompress, while the activity helps elevate your heart rate improving blood flow. Exercise can also reduce stress; can reduce symptoms caused by depression and anxiety due to the release of positive chemicals like serotonin. The other benefit is that it can improve your memory.

By getting your mindset and body right is a major step to ensuring you are ready and able to take the steps needed to succeed!

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