Besides utilising CRMs, there are many other applications that I find helpful in managing my work day. Amongst them include time tracking tools, social media applications, analytics tools, and even file transferring.

My top applications at this stage are:

Google Analytics – most companies will utilise Google Analytics as a minimum, then add in other applications which provide things like heatmaps. Analytics allows me to see how many visitors have been to my site, how many are new visitors and a general idea of where they have found me from. Down the track I will look at the other analytics services out there but this stage, I’m fine with just tracking through Analytics.

Mail Chimp – in the past I had been required to make newsletters in an old copy of Send Studio and in doing so, hated making newsletters. Then I got a chance to utilise Mail Chimp and I love it! It makes designing a newsletter so easy and it is so simple to keep track of who has subscribed to it. With that in mind, don’t forget to sign up to my monthly newsletter!

Dropbox – while Google Drive allows file transfers, I just find Dropbox an easier service. It’s especially helpful when working on a project that becomes too large to send via email.

Screenr – I only recently came across Screenr and it has been working for me so far. It allows short screen recordings to be done without having to download anything. This will become more important to me when I start incorporating visual tips into my newsletters.

Trello – this one can be used not just for business means, but also personal life. It’s an awesome little service that helps you to organise yourself. You write a card and then can drag and drop to where you need to do it, and once completed, you can drag it to the done list so you can still keep track of what’s completed.

HootSuite – got social media accounts? Get HootSuite. It’s simple to use, able to update multiple social media platforms at once and able to schedule when things get updated. I know there are other platforms out there, but this is the one I use.

Toggl – I love Toggl. It helps me keep track on how long I spend on any one task and it’s simplified so I can just click on a task, start timing and stop when needed, no needing to justify breaks or anything. I can easily select which client I am working on, which project of theirs and which task to keep track of multiple things at once. It’s brilliant for hourly rates. UPDATED: Check out Lewis’ blog for more information on Toggl – Toggl Review

What other applications do you use? Let me know on Twitter or Google+ so we can keep the conversation going.

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