Want to blog but feel you don’t have time? Struggling to write the ideas and thoughts in your mind? Want someone else to write your blogs for you, yet they don’t quite match your concepts or voice?

We all struggle at times to be consistent with putting content on our website. When you’re a nurturing soul, it’s in your nature to focus more on helping others rather than focusing on your business. By focusing on others, you feel that you are achieving your purpose because it’s tangible to see the outcome of your help. It’s something you can see the outcome, often quickly. Blogs on the other hand, often work silently in the background.

So how do you ensure that you are getting the content on your site without stressing over having to find exactly the right words, without worrying about someone not getting your ideas when they’re writing your content?

There are three quick solutions to your problems.

  1. Vlogging
  2. Podcasts
  3. Recording


Video blogs, or vlogging, are a perfect way to ensure that people can connect with your authentic soul and heart. They can watch you talk through ideas, concepts, worries and see how passionate you are about the topic. Yet, it can be confronting for people to do. People worry about being in front of a camera, which is where the second option can work for them better.


Build a podcast series that allows you to talk through your ideas and thoughts but also allows you to bring other people in to do interviews or raise their own topics to the table for healthy discussions. It allows you the benefits of speaking in your voice, but without having to be in front of the camera. Then get the podcast transcribed for your site as your post.


The third option is a great one if you don’t really have time to stop and plan things, don’t want to write yourself but still want to achieve your authentic self in posts. Recording your thoughts and then have someone transcribe them to upload into a post. If you use this option, you can record the posts whenever and wherever inspiration strikes! With the right person transcribing, they can fix any small grammatical issues, and ensure the right flow within your sentences but it’s your words that they are using.

Even better, use a combination of these techniques. On topics you feel super passionate about, record a vlog. Pull out ideas that you didn’t get a chance to focus on beyond mentioning it in the podcast and record it to then post as follow ups to the podcast. Or just record new ideas that you don’t think fit the others.

These three methods ensure that you can continue to add credibility to your name. It allows you to develop ways to share your knowledge, build your authority and engage your potential and current clients.

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