The following blog post is a list of blogs I read during April that I found worthwhile of sharing with others. They cover a range of topics which relate to websites, marketing, social media and other topics.

The Power of Storytelling in Social Media

Social media isn’t just a sales tool; it’s a means of telling your story and allowing your tribe to learn about you. In this blog, Sara talks about the power behind telling stories and why it makes it such a great tool in this modern day use of social media for business.

How Meal Prepping Has Given Me Time Back

Carolina talks about something that I keep meaning to do more of but often get distracted from doing so. She includes a downloadable meal planner to help you get organised.

5 Simple Changes You Can Make In Your Business Right Now To Feel Good!

Melanie looks at ways to make simple changes that leave you feeling less stressed and more in control. I especially love tips 4 and 5.

How To Be More Organised In Your Life

After loving Melanie’s other blog post, I spent some more time on her blog and ended up reading this one. Organisation is something I know a lot of people struggle with and so these tips were useful.

How to Thrive since the Facebook Algorithm Change

Jessica has been a massive help to me in the past with understanding and working through all the annoying social media changes. She’s at it again with the latest FB algorithm change, discussing what’s been learnt since the changes made in January.

Business Success – How Beliefs affect your Business Success

An old post of Jessica’s but a worthwhile read about how beliefs can impact your business both positively and negatively.

What were interesting reads for you this month?

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