For the month of April, I was finishing reading the book The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle.

What’s it about?

This book looks at the challenging but extraordinarily rewarding journey to find the power of now.

Reason I chose this book

This was another book that had been recommended to me as being worthwhile and as I respect the person, I took on board their recommendation.

Writing style

I have to admit, I really struggled to connect to this book and I think the writing style was part of the reason. Yet, I can’t figure out why exactly.

There was a bit of humour, mixed into the serious discussion but for most part, I found it dry and unengaging. Potentially, I just wasn’t present in the moment while reading it, in which case the issue is mine or the book wasn’t the right one for me.

Biggest lessons

Despite struggling with the book, I was still able to take some value out of it.

Is there a difference between happiness and inner peace?

Yes. Happiness depends on conditions being perceived as positive; inner peace does not.

Letting go of resistance is easier said than done. I still don’t see clearly how to let go. If you say it is by surrendering, the question remains: “How?”

Start by acknowledging that there is resistance.

These two question/answer quotes were parts of the book which made me go “huh” and pay attention. The sections addressing these parts were valuable in processing certain concepts that Eckhart had addressed.


As I mentioned, I struggled with this book.

There was a lot of concepts that touched on ideas that I already practice myself and other self-help books cover, yet there was a lot more in depth content around things I hadn’t heard of before. Do I feel that maybe the book was a bit beyond me? Maybe. Do I think I will value it more with another read at a time when I am more in tune with myself and the ideas in the book? Probably.

Whatever my issue with the book itself is, I think that other people would get a lot out of it if they are already open to the self-help concepts and ideas. But I would not recommend it to someone just starting out with opening themselves to the source, the being and the ideas within this book.

Do you have a favourite self-help book? Let me know below!

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