Have you ever gone to write a blog post and sat there staring at the screen?

You write a sentence and then deleted it because you couldn’t think of where to go with it?

I have to admit, I get that way too.

Yet, it’s not all bad.

Here’s some of my other tips for ensuring you manage to continue to fill your blog up with content!

Use Evernote (or similar)

Evernote is a fantastic app which syncs to your computer. While on the go, if any topics come to mind, either record a quick memo in Evernote, or type one in. Then when you sit down to write or record your content, you have a list of ideas ready to go.

Carry a notebook

Similarly, but a little more old fashioned, carry a notebook with you to jot down ideas. Tick them off once you’ve talked about them. If you notice any of the ideas get a lot of response, highlight it as something to come back to, so you can do some follow ups.

Talk about you

What’s a problem you’ve recently overcome? Can you apply business or lifestyle advice to someone based on how you overcame it? Great! It works perfectly then as content.

You can’t? Still fantastic. I’ve said it before, show people more about you outside of your business. Give them a glimpse at your life.


What’s something that you learnt recently? Is it something super interesting to you? Create content from it! Your passion for the topic will shine through for others and who knows, it might just be what a potential client needed to see/hear.

Content creation doesn’t need to be hard. There are so many ways to be inspired to continue to create content even when you don’t necessarily feel it.

Keep at it and remember, people only know what they know. What seems basic knowledge to you, may not be to someone else.

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