You will have noticed that once a month, I share content that comes from other people as one of my blogs. I have had a few people ask me why I do this as to them it doesn’t make much sense for a few reasons.

Aren’t you in competition with those you are sharing?

In a way, when I share other people’s posts, I am sharing a number of my competition’s posts.

For example, one person I share from regularly and I are both web designers and we both offer a number of similar other services; yet we’ve both assisted one another when we’re stuck with something we’re working on that we know the other can assist. We know that we’re not going for the same clients and that in reality; while we both offer similar things we are vastly different.


I am a firm believer that not all clients are my clients. Let’s face it; pricing, scope and even attitude can all play a part in why someone goes with a particular person over a different one. So, I like to foster a connection with people I trust to be able to refer people onto if I don’t meet their needs, or if I don’t have the capacity to bring them on board at that stage.

I like having a community of people I can turn to.

For example, I don’t offer reception duties, but I do know someone I can refer a client to if that’s what they needed.

By reading others blogs, it helps me understand if they would be a good fit for someone; and it helps me to build the relationship by offering something small such as a share.

Different Takes

Another reason I share other people’s work is that it means either a different take on something I’ve talked about in the past or a take I had never considered. It means I don’t need to necessarily do the work behind writing it. Takes the pressure off me, while backing up what I’ve mentioned in the past.

Plus, sometimes you just need to hear it a couple of different ways before it sinks in.

Saves Time

It also gives me a chance to not have to think about a blog topic for a week. All I need to do is a quick blurb about the posts I’ve read. It’s a nice, easy way to ensure I have a blog without having to do much thinking about it. Most of the work has been done through the month as I copy the link and write a quick blurb about it as I read it.

Sometimes Though…

Sometimes, the main reason I share someone else’s work is that it is just too good not to share!

Regardless of the reason, I enjoy being able to say “hey these are some great reads, you should read them too!”

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