Blogging, vlogging and podcasting is something that is pushed by so many people as a means to build reach, gain authority and educate your clients. Yet once the content is up; it’s not the end of what you need to do to gain attention and help to further your reach.

What do I mean?

People will comment, like and share good content when it’s on social media. So you need to encourage this behaviour. The more engagement that is on your posts, the more reach you get.

What’s this about reach?

For those who are newer to social media, since social media is so popular, it’s constantly undergoing regular rule changes making it harder for people to see your content, unless you’re across the changes. Things such as:

  • Targeting your audience;
  • Not using links to other sites;
  • Video posts;
  • Not constantly selling; and,
  • Not promoting people to like, share and comment.

These can all impact on your audience, or reach, seeing the content.

Currently, the reach of most posts on Facebook is less than 2% of your page likes. That’s severely low! Especially if you only have a few likes to begin with. But when you have a massive audience, it can be even worse because you know that it’s such a low amount of those following you.

Engagement is an easy way to increase your visibility.

How so?

When people comment or react on your posts, their friends can see what they reacted to. If they love the description of the post, then they can react and their friends will see it. And so on etc.

So what should I do?

Encourage that engagement! Don’t ask people to share and like etc. but when they do comment, where ever it makes sense, respond to it! Keep the conversation going. You’ll have other people read the comments and they’ll react to your post too.

Not only does it boost your reach and visibility, but it shows that you care about those who are responding to you. It allows you to show another way that you nurture for those clients and potential clients.

And that’s a good thing in all accounts!

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