The following blog post is a list of blogs I read during June that I found worthwhile of sharing with others. They cover a range of topics which relate to websites, marketing, social media and other topics.

4 Simple Ways To Develop A Strong Brand Voice On Instagram

I love Instagram and use it to share projects I’m currently working on, things happening in my life and motivation. It works for my brand as I am showing a balance between work and lifestyle; but starting out can be difficult. This article gives some great hints and tips to develop your brand voice.

Easy Ways To Sell When You Don’t Like Selling

Unless you are a marketer, often you hate the feeling of selling. For me, I tend to shy away from the hard sell. Robyn has some great tips to make selling easier and less scary.

How to write a killer About page

Jane gives some fantastic tips when it comes to writing one of the most important pages on your website, the About Page.

Top 6 Reasons why your Facebook Ads are not showing results

Veena focuses on something that gets asked a lot in Facebook groups. I’m spending money but I’m not seeing results at the end of the day. She gives 5 tips on how to improve your FB ads to get those results.

Upskilling As A Small Business Owner | Encore Admin Consulting

Korryn talks about something that a number of small business owners debate regularly, should I bother with upskilling. The answer is always yes! But Korryn goes through the reasons behind why it’s important.

Master Instagram for business growth

Sara talks tips on marketing on Instagram, looking at making it easier to understand for those starting out. Plenty of hot tips to improve your growth and gain followers.

7 Steps To Increase Self-Esteem & Find Inner Happiness

Christina hits the nail on the head with this comment, “Knowing as a truth that you are worthy of happiness = experiencing a high level of happiness.” I’ve struggled with the idea of being happy, and being worthy of happiness. Happiness doesn’t need to be just a fleeting moment and Christina looks at ways to help you incorporate more happiness into your life.

What were interesting reads for you this month?

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