I’ve been doing a lot of reading recently in relation to what colours and fonts help evoke in potential clients and why some choices are more effective than others. Let’s look at a few of my favourite colours and the emotions they can evoke.

Keep in mind, for each colour there are many more meanings and feelings associated with them than those I listed.

Purple: creativity, royalty and spirituality; also, wisdom, dignity and magic. Throw in ambition, wealth, power and luxury to round it out.

The reasons purple appeals to me, besides being my favourite colour, for use in my logo is those around creativity, wisdom and luxury. Wisdom and creativity are the biggest drawcard to me, but luxury helps. I know my services aren’t for everyone, it’s a luxury service, but it’s one that is based in sharing my knowledge, and sharing my creativity.

Black: elegance, formality and power; also, sensuality, serenity and tranquillity. Add in, intelligent, authority and protection to round it out.

Black was the other font colour choice in my logo, despite my other favourite also being a large drawcard for my site. The feelings and meanings such as intelligent, authority and serenity drew me in.

Together the logo colours back the use of the word Maven with wisdom and intelligence. Add in, luxury and elegance playing well with each other, as well as spirituality, serenity and tranquillity.

Teal: creative expression, trustworthiness and initiative. As well as, reliability and commitment.

My third colour on my site (and sometimes in my logos) is a teal. Which nicely ties in with the two other colours.

But do those really matter when people are on your site or viewing your brand?

They actually can!

There have been studies that found that 93% of sales came down to visual appearance. Your website or logo is often your first opportunity for someone to see your brand. Having a good choice of colour, having a consistent choice of colour throughout your marketing helps you build your visual appeal.

If you are considering a new website, I recommend doing some reading as to how colours can impact on your clients. I’ve a range of interesting reads in my Pinterest board Meanings. Where I have psychology related information on a range of colours, logo designs and font choices.

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