The following blog post is a list of blogs I read during January that I found worthwhile of sharing with others. They cover a range of topics which relate to websites, marketing, social media and other topics.

The 5 Pages Every Freelancer Should Have on Their Website

I love that they simply go through the 5 pages of a website (and what to cover) for freelancers without trying to over complicate the design concept.

While I don’t necessarily agree with all of the content they suggest, it’s a great starting point for those who might not know what to include.

6 Time-Saving Tips to Stay Efficient as a Solopreneur

This blog post has some great tips for those who are time poor while still allowing for a personal feel to each solution suggested.

Perfect for if you are not yet able to outsource to others, or just looking to further reduce time it takes to do things that you don’t want to outsource.

The Simplest Way To Increase Your Online Sales

Brent’s post basically really gets to the point in something that a lot of people forget; sometimes the simplest way really is the answer!

Especially when you look at his next blog!

18.93% More Leads – From One Simple Website Tweak

It seems so strange that one tweak would result in such an increase but Brent goes through and covers the reasons why. A fantastic marketing tip for those who want ideas on how to increase their leads!

How To Style Flatlays For Marketing Your Blog On Instagram

Flatlays are so popular now days but is something I’ve struggled to master. I love the tips on this blog for how to improve my own flatlays; covering all different styles of flatlays from  grids to minimalist to tech but also teaching you about what kind of items you can use!

19 things NOT to do in a Facebook group

This blog post was amusing and the timing of me finding it was perfect as I had just seen a number of the exact posts Kate talks about!

Kate writes in an easy going and funny manner which makes it a great read without being offensive.

This is also one time where reading the comments is worthwhile because more suggestions are added.

How to be successful (even if you’re not popular)

Another Kate post because this one is so relevant to people who need a bit of an esteem boost. Again, the timing in me reading this post was worthwhile as I feel this sometimes.

It’s a great reminder that while so many focus on what our follower counts are, that sometimes personal recommendations and not unknown followers is more valuable to you.

What were interesting reads for you this month?

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