The following blog post is a list of blogs I read during May that I found worthwhile of sharing with others. They cover a range of topics which relate to websites, marketing, social media and other topics.

The No-Trick New Blogger Strategy for Content Creation

Jay hits the nail on the head with this blog post. Her advice is something I’ve said time and again to people who want to start their blog or vlog. Just start. She does give some additional tips to help with the starting process.

Why Content Writing Isn’t Copywriting (But How To Blend Them Brilliantly)

Another blog from Jay which covers a topic I was planning on writing down the track, but she beat me to it! This is a great break down of the two if you ever wondered the difference.

4 Quick Reasons Your Business Needs a Manifesto Now

A trip back to Melanie’s site led me to reading this blog about manifestos and actually gave me some ideas for what I need to do within my business. A fantastic read.

How to build trust, in your Virtual Assistant Business

Alethea has added another great article to her blog with this one. While the focus is on VA businesses, I think it applies to a number of small businesses and is a worthwhile read.

How to Grow Your Email List

Another fantastic blog from Alethea; with advice and tips on growing your email list. This instructional doesn’t involve a lot of steps but is worth doing.

QUESTION: How BIG is your to-do list?

Returning to Brent’s blog this month with this amazing post touching on something I know a lot of small business owners suffer from, overwhelm.

How to Recognise Overwhelm and Beat It!

Reading Brent’s post reminded me of an old post of Jessica’s; so I had to go back and re-read/watch it. As a quick note, this video does go for 40+ minutes so you might need to check it out later.

Toggl Review: The Best Time Tracking Software On The Market?

Ages ago, I did a post on useful applications that I use to keep track of various aspects of my work. Lewis has reviewed one of the applications I mentioned, Toggl, in a detailed way and added in features that I didn’t even know about it!

What were interesting reads for you this month?

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