For the month of May I read the book May Cause Miracles by Gabrielle Bernstein.

What’s it about?

This book is described as a 40 day guidebook of subtle shifts fo radical change and unlimited happiness.

Reason I chose this book

When I purchased The Universe Has Your Back by Gabrielle Bernstein, I noticed this book in the section about people also purchased these books, and decided it sounded interesting.

Writing style

I commented previously about Gabrielle’s writing style (when reviewing the prior book by her) but I actually found this book a bit more relaxed as it’s all about suggesting ways to change how you view things and as such, comes across simpler.

Biggest lessons

I related to Gabrielle when she was mentioning about her body hitting bottom. I struggle daily with pain in my back and hips. So when I read this particular bit:

Remember that fear in our mind creates illness in the body. Therefore, a mental cleanse is required to aid in the process of physical healing.

It was like I had been hit with a brain wave. I know it’s not as simple as just changing your thought process, but if I can approach changing more of my mindset positively, then potentially I won’t let the pain stop me from living my life. Let myself find alternate methods of reaching the same goal and in doing so, heal my body.


Gabrielle fills this book with affirmations and actions to take to help you with changing your mindset and to start seeing changes in the way you see the world. While I haven’t followed all of those actions and affirmations yet, I am planning on taking on board a number of them… especially Week Three “Body Image”, Week Four “Relationships”, and Week Five “Raise Your Self-Worth, Raise Your Net Worth”.

Do you have a favourite self-help book? Let me know below!

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