I wanted to take a step back a little, and focus on some of the areas that often are overlooked… so, this was the result of that.

Being unable to find a file is one of the most frustrating things that you have to go through. You might have searched in many folders but still, the file is hidden from your eyes. Sometimes even the search tool fails to work for you because you have forgotten the name of your file.

So here we have some of the interesting ways that will help you to organize your computer filing system.

1-No files on Desktop

You have to keep in mind that your desktop is not the place for your files. The only thing that looks good on your desktop is your wallpaper and the recycle bin. Only places those files on your desktop that you have to use on daily basis.

2-Limit folder creation

Create minimal folders because there are many files that you can store in the same location. However, you have to keep in mind that when a folder gets extra files or you seem to use the same folder repeatedly then you can make a new folder from some other category of files. It will allow you to save some spaces as well as you will be able to remember the location of your file. In case that you have to find a specific file, you can easily locate it in your minimum number of folders.

3-Think in Hierarchies

It is important that you learn the hierarchical skills. You have to keep three major rules in mind:

  • Chunk down
  • Chunk up
  • Chunk sideways

It will allow you to understand that several files with the same type of job can stay in the same folder. For example, you can place the PDF files, letter to your friends and the job resumes in the same folders for the easy access.

4-/archive your folders

When you have to regularly work on your computer it often became hard to remember what types of folders and files you were using. So the best thing that you can do is /archive the current files and folders. In this way, such files will not appear scattered on the desktop. In addition, you will get an easy access to them whenever you require the files. There is no need to use any search tools because you can name the file according to its niche.

5-Add subfolders

In case, that you want to keep the number of the folders to the minimum the best thing is to create a subfolder. You can name the main folder application and in it make several folders regarding the different types of applications that you use. In this way, it would be easier for you to locate the files.

So make sure that you keep your computer clean. Having more than 200 folders is not an issue when you have organized them properly. All you have to do is take some time out of your busy schedule and utilize the tips to maintain your computer for the easy accessibility.

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