Hi everyone, Anne here.

Does this annoy you? When you’re watching a video and the person isn’t actually talking to you, they’re talking off to the side of you. This is something that catches a lot of people out. Where they look at themselves in their smartphone instead of looking at you.

So, if you’re using your smartphone to record videos always ensure that you are looking towards the lens and not yourself. Because it can be off putting and distracting towards the people who are actually watching your video.

I know that it can be distracting having video footage of yourself being shown at the same time as you’re recording. If you keep getting caught out by that, and you have a tripod, turn your phone around, record through the back camera instead of the front one so all you can see is the lens.

Don’t worry so much about what you look like, about how you’re holding yourself, or anything like that. Worry about connecting with your clients. Because if you can’t connect with your clients because you’re looking at yourself the whole time, you’re not going to come across as sincere. As someone who looks to be looking out for them. Instead you’re going to come across a little bit conceited because all you’re doing is looking at yourself.

And I’ll see you next week. Bye!

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