In my prior blog, I mentioned that I brainstorm to come up with ideas to write about. This can, at times, be difficult when it’s just you coming up with them.

Unlike when you work within a team; where brainstorming can be easy as you have a range of people surrounding you who all understand what the team does, what the company does and a range of ages, experiences etc. to draw upon.

So how do I go about brainstorming ideas when I work by myself?

Method One:

  • Write down the types of questions I get from potential clients who want to know more about what I do.
  • Write down the types of things that I get asked about helping people with.
  • Write down questions I get asked based on what’s on my site.

These three are very similar but also very useful. They give me an idea on where I need to clarify more, or expand on, which is where blog topics about them are super useful.

Method Two:

  • I ask friends who know a little about what I do what kinds of questions they have for me about my business.
  • I ask friends in businesses what things they get stuck with in terms of managing their content if they’re not using my business.

These two are great for working out issues that others are having and identifying areas that I might not have thought of previously.

Method Three:

  • Visit Facebook groups and see what kinds of things are being asked on them related to what I do.
  • Ask on Facebook what questions people might have when I mention what I do.

I prefer the first point of this method more than the second. As I sometimes feel intimidated when having a number of people responding within moments of one another asking questions. I feel much more relaxed just reading through others questions to see if anything jumps out at me.

Method Four:

  • What new things have I learnt?
  • What’s a new process that seems to be working for me?
  • What’s something cool I’ve experienced that I can tie back to work?
  • What’s something that’s gone wrong but I can draw a valuable lesson from?

Basically, what’s stuff that I enjoy, I want to share with people, I want to use to educate.

I often brainstorm using a combination of those four methods, with a heavy leaning on three and four purely because I don’t like being an annoyance to friends (not that I am, I just don’t want to seem that way) and I feel at times that I can’t always focus on the real basics that method one leans to.

However, there are multitudes of ways to come up with content ideas.

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