The following blog post is a list of blogs I read during February that I found worthwhile of sharing with others. They cover a range of topics which relate to websites, marketing, social media and other topics.

Like A Boss: How To Be Consistently Productive For Huge Success

I love this blog post. Pointing out that you shouldn’t need to have an endless grind to be successful. You just need to work hard. Add in the comments about taking care of yourself actually helps with improving your success and it’s like bam! Hit the nail on the head with me. Less sleep I get, the worse I am in actually keeping on top of everything because I feel overwhelmed even when I’m not.

Fluffing vs Productivity: How To Measure the ROI On Your Time

Short, but sweet. Alethea hits the nail on the head with how so many people end up when in a small business. Spending time on things you shouldn’t have to. She breaks it down into a simple formula as to how much those hours end up equating to your value.

25 Ways to Make Your First Online Sale

Kissmetrics has broken down several different ways that you can promote and advertise your online store in ways to lead to sales. Great suggestions if you’re just starting out or wanting to get back to basics.

The Motivation Loop [Focus Friday]

Brent’s on my list again, but this time for something a bit different to his usual marketing tips. This time he looks at the way that identity, external toolsm and our environment all impact on our motivation and how this loop swings round and round while applying it to his core business of marketing.

50 Ways To Improve Your Pinterest Strategy

Pinterest is one of my favourite social media platforms both for marketing and for finding inspiration. Kayla looks at strategies to improve your Pinterest marketing game!

How Pinterest and Sales Funnels Will Improve Your Blog Income

Another post from Kayla, this time looking at the importance of sales funnels and how to incorporate Pinterest into driving your funnel.

What were interesting reads for you this month?

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