Building up a readership following is useful, in fact it’s beyond useful. Yet, so many people still don’t do it, or if they’re like me, focus on other things they value more than doing regular posts. For me personally, I love writing and am constantly writing for other businesses, that I know that my own content is inconsistent and it works against me. So, here are the top three things that I’ve discovered through my own trial and error, that will work for you!

• Be regular in posting
• Write about what you know
• Write for everyone

Be Regular in Posting

Your readership may or may not be visible to you and those that aren’t visible are actually the ones you want to be selling to. It might sound weird, but it’s something I hear time and time again. I’ve been following you for a while but never commented before. I’ve been reading your posts for a while, and this latest one forced me to contact you because it addressed a lot of concerns I’m feeling right now.
You don’t necessarily know what your readership is doing, what they are going through. But by being consistent in your posting, sharing your ideas, you ensure that people know that they can come to your website and read your thoughts. Who knows, that day might just be the tipping point for that reader to contact you.

Write About What You Know

You are the expert in the field, in your niche. So, you are the best person to write about what you know. While I do copywriting for people, it takes me a while to get the writing voice to how my clients want it to sound. For best results, you writing about your field, your thoughts on how to improve it, what helps your clients, is best from you. If you don’t have time to do it, having a copywriter is not a bad thing.
There are other ways to ensure it’s your voice shining through in your blogs, which I’ll cover at another stage but the important thing to remember is to write what you know and be consistent with it. Your readership will appreciate your efforts in which ever method you end up using to meet their expectations.

Write for Everyone

You only know what you know. The amount of times I’ve talked myself out of doing a video or blog post on a topic because I felt it was too basic; that it was something everyone would know so why would my readership bother with it, is too numerous to count. Yet, just because you know it, doesn’t mean your readership knows it.
I wrote about a topic for a client of mine, covering a basic meditation technique. They were concerned that it was just something that all their readers would know, and that it was too simple for what they were after. Still, we posted it as they needed something up that day. That post ended up gaining her more traffic than any other. Why? Because everyone assumes people know what they know, that their readership would be beyond the basics. Yet, if everyone is doing that, then who is actually teaching the basics for them to know it?

As I said, all of these things are things I’ll fall into the trap of. Everyone goes through periods like this. Don’t let yourself think you can’t do it, that you shouldn’t do it because it does so much for you without you realising it. Share your stories, explain the basics, build your readership, educate your potential clients. Once they’re educated, once they realise you offer something they need, they’ll be drawn to you.

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