While filming videos have gotten easier now days as all you really need is a smart phone, however knowing which way to film it is important. A number of people have a tendency just to start shooting a video without taking it into consideration; and while that works when you are only sharing it with friends and family on your phone, when it’s uploaded to YouTube or similar, it’s not necessarily the best look.

You might ask why that would be. The answer is simple.

Ever wonder why sometimes you see black bars on either side of a video? Now days nearly everything is widescreen. So when someone films in portrait, that’s what you end up with. The black borders to the video.

Without you realising, most TV, movie and other visual media formats are in a 4:3 or 16:9 ration. When you film in portrait this can appear jarring to some people as the aspect ratio is out.

Holding the phone in landscape allows you to film in widescreen. This prevents the black borders that would otherwise be seen. Allowing for better screen usage, making it less jarring and allowing attention to be focused on the content.

Also, it means that you can ensure that videos aren’t lying down (on their sides) when uploaded by avoiding portrait. People tend not to look at those types of videos because they have to angle their heads to be able to see what is actually happening. Ensure people are watching by making it in a means they can view easily.

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