Hi all, Anne here.

So this is part one in a five part series. Basically I’m doing tips and tricks to really those beginners with social media videos and how to make some great videos for their Facebook, Twitter, Google+… whichever method that they decide they want to use.

So my first tip is: Keeping videos short and concise.

The reason why you should always have a video that is nice and quick is a lot of people don’t have attention spans these days. Everything has gotten so quick and so fast that people are expecting things go, go, go. Asking them to to watch a 5, 10 minute video doesn’t often work.

So when you’re doing a social media post, it’s recommended that you use a video in length of about a minute and a half to two minutes. Perfect for people to be able to watch quickly in breaks, without taking up too much of their time.

This doesn’t mean you can’t record longer videos but it’s always worthwhile when you do post longer videos that you give people the heads up, so that they know to schedule time to make sure they are able to watch it.

Short and sweet? Definitely something that you can do and everyone can watch. 10 minutes, 20 minutes? Can’t always fit that in a break.

So for most part, keep your videos between one and a half to two minutes. If you go longer, make sure that you notify people so that they can schedule their time.

And I’ll see you next week for part 2. Bye.

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