Do you really need to be in a sterile environment to film your videos? The answer is no! The two main things you need to consider are noise and light.

I had actually planned originally when I was making these videos, to film this one at the beach resort we were staying in in Hawaii. Until we got there and the wind would have caused chaos! You wouldn’t have been able to hear a single word I would have said. The background though would have been stunning.

I decided to wait until we got home and then figured I’d go to a walk and film it in the park near by our house. Just for something a bit different. But we seem to be in a construction zone at the moment. Foiled again. Also, not much shade there for me to not be squinting at the screen because of the sunlight.

So what do these two little anecdotes tell you about location, light and noise? That while you can film anywhere, you need to consider the factors around you. Noise from other sources can easily overpower a soft talker. Also, light can be too bright or not bright enough.

An easy way around these factors could be, having a microphone attached so that you can be heard over the noise. Speak up and really enunciate your words. Take a parasol with you to gently block the sun. Stand under a lone tree to add a little shade. Add a light source like a lamp or torch if it’s a little too dark around you.

These ideas can really help to make your videos unique, and fun. Don’t worry when you shoot, just shoot!

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