Hi everyone, Anne here.

So today I was planning, because it’s a nice day outside, to go for a walk to do this video but unfortunately my plans of doing this video outside have been stumped. Purely because of one of the reasons that I actually wanted to talk to you about.

So part three of my video series is to do with Location. Hence why outisde would have been been brilliant to do this.

Basically with outside there are a number of little factors that you need to take into consideration. Things like outside noises.

So the main reason I’m not going for my walk today to do this video is because we have a lot of construction going on; roadworks, housing, the whole works. So I wouldn’t have been able to find a clear area to do this kind of video where you would be able to properly hear me.

The other reason with noises is that it’s also very windy outside. That gets picked up really clearly on microphones.

So when you’re doing a location shoot just take into consideration other factors noise wise that you’re competing with. Because things like the wind, sirens, construction all get picked up very clearly by the microphone. And not always very easily to be edited out.

The other thing to take into consideration is lighting. So when you’re outside you’ve either got sun directly on you, sun coming in from behind, lots of shadows if you’re under trees and things like that.

Lighting does play an important part with videos. If you’ve got the incorrect lighting, you’re not going to be making the right kind of eye contact with your clients through video. You might be squinting at the screen, you might be too dark in terms of the shadow over your faces and things like that.

So they’re the two most important things to keep in consideration when recording location wise. It’s perfectly doable but keep that in mind.

And I’ll see you next week for part four. Bye for now.

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