Hi all, Anne here.

So a while back I did a couple of videos in relation to nerves and one of the more recent questions I’ve had is what do I do with my hands?

If you’re a person who talks with your hands, handing your hands by your side is going to make you feel even more nervous.

You’ll notice a lot of the time you might see the tips of my fingers in videos or I’ll make some kind of grand gesture and there’s nothing wrong with that, in fact it’s encouraging. If talking with your hands helps you get over your nerves, talk with your hands! There is nothing wrong with that.

You might want to position your camera so they’re not seen as easily which is what I tend to do a lot or embrace it for what it is and use your hands. Help portray your emotion through your hands like you normally would. There is nothing wrong with speaking with your hands.

Or if you don’t want to speak with your hands and you still feel nervous, try using a prop. Because that gives you something to hold onto, something to demonstrate with, it allows you to feel a little bit more relaxed because you know that you have something else in the video that people can watch.

And it doesn’t need to be anything too difficult, or even work related. Have some fun and experiment. Use your hands, don’t use them, it’s up to you. Just do what you feel comfortable with.

And I’ll see you next week.

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