Hi all, Anne here.

So today’s topic is in terms of something I struggle a lot with and that’s talking about topics that might have been done before. So I know a lot of people have done videos on how to shoot vlogs and things like that and I keep questioning myself should I do this topic? It’s not original, someone else has done this topic before.

And the thing that keeps coming back to me is just because someone else has done the topic doesn’t mean I can’t do the topic. Because the way I see things isn’t necessarily the same as how they see it.

So in terms of things that I give as advice this is one I actually need to take myself the most often. And that is just put forward the information that I would find useful if I was watching a channel. Cause that way, all the information is in one spot, people don’t need to search everywhere. If they find someone’s whose videos they enjoy, they’ll keep watching those people. They won’t necessarily go and watch the other person’s video on the exact same topic and then compare the two. Instead they’re just going to go, this is a person I know, I trust, I’ll listen to their advice.

So if one of the reasons you’re not doing videos is because you’re worried about not being original enough. Stop using that as an excuse and start recording.

And as always, I’ll see you next week. Bye

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