Videos are an important way of getting your message across to people. It allows you to reach people who learn via the auditory and visual methods as you can demonstrate what you are talking about at the same time. But the important thing is that you remember that your message needs to be short and concise. Why? Because unless you are doing an instructional video, most people won’t want to pay attention for long periods. Even instructional videos need to be kept as brief as possible to ensure that they retain people’s interest as long as possible.

So what’s a good guideline?

For weekly posts, it’s recommended that you keep your videos to around one and a half to two minutes. Record the important part or a catchy post and then incorporate it into your blog post if you need to continue the conversation. If it’s a topic that can easily be broken down into small sections, look at doing a series of videos on it. If you’re smart about it, you can easily have a month or more worth of videos on the one topic!

If you need to put together a longer, instructional video, keep them to around 10 minutes but make sure you let people know it’s a longer video so they can prepare to watch it. A good introduction on your Facebook post or other social media platform means that they can prepare when they watch it.

Video recordings of Webinars can be longer again, but people like having a general idea on how long it will run for. That way it can be, again, scheduled to fit your clients’ time.

Remember, people tend to feel they are busier than they used to be and the old adage of “time is money” comes into play. Keeping things short gives you a better chance of maintaining their attention.

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