Hi all, Anne here.

So, I’ve had some feedback from people in terms of my videos and while a lot of you have found the tips and tricks useful; and it’s covered things that you might not of thought of previously… a couple of you have said how nervous I am appearing in the videos.

And I am the first to admit that I am so nervous doing these videos. And the main reason is, I’m used to being behind the screen. I’m not actually used to being in front of the screen.

And this is something that will stop a lot of people from doing their own videos. The whole, I’m not used to being on camera.

The thing is, it’s starting to be that you need to be on camera. However, the best way of dealing with nerves is talking about something that you’re comfortable with, you’re passionate about.

So if you love your job and you’re promoting to people how much this blows your mind away in terms of you get to do this and you get to do that and whatever; having that passion when you talk in front of the camera means they can feel it, they know it.

And that’s a lot better than what you get if you’re just typing. Doing a text post doesn’t put the full amount of passion, of drive that you have about this topic. Video does.

And what you’ll see with my videos, as I get to do them more and more frequently, I’m going to be less and less nervous. And that’s the same thing that you’ll find with your own. You’ll find that you can actually do videos a lot easier once you break the habit of going I’m too nervous.

And I’ll see you next week.

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