Hi everyone, Anne here

So today is part five of our five part series and today I’m talking about A Call To Action.

So you might be asking the question, what is a call to action? Basically it’s you giving direction to your clients as to what they should be doing next. So for example:

“Check out my website below”
“Subscribe to my newsletter”

things like that.

You’re letting your clients know what their next step should be for them to get the best value out of what you’re talking about.

So most of my videos have been “I’ll see you next week” things like that. Not really a call to action. So today’s video a little bit different because I’ve just launched my new ebook, Social Media Video Made Easy! And this ebook takes into consideration the tips I’ve given to you via video and it also expands on some other information just so then you can actually get started on doing your own videos and making sure what you present represents the best of you.

So my call to action this week is to go onto my website and sign up to my newsletter to get your free copy of my ebook. And I’ll see you next week. Download the ebook now!

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