I think it’s kind of ironic. My most recent video I did, which was talking about what to do if you make a mistake in a video actually contained the most mistakes I’ve made in my videos! But thankfully, while I still come across as nervous, I’m able to fix it so the only way you know I made a mistake is if you are paying extremely close attention for the cuts in the video!

So what did I do when I made the mistake? I gave myself time to recompose myself. By doing this I had plenty of video that I could chop out when editing. I then repeated the section I made the mistake in.

I didn’t re record my video. I snipped it til I was happy with it. The video when finished came to 1:35 with my logo on the front and end. The video I recorded actually was 2:11. Kinda gives away just how much of the video I chopped out of it huh?

Editing allows you to remove blank air where you might have forgotten what you wanted to say, or remove the repetitious sentences where you are trying to find the right way of saying something. As you get used to being in front of the camera, the less time it will take you to film, you might have slightly longer recordings to begin with but that’s as you get used to not restarting absolutely everything.

Remember: breath, give yourself some time to recompose, then repeat or improve on the sentence you just said. If you have an editor for your videos and are worried they might remove the wrong sentence, give them the heads up but in most instances, they will always go for the first sentence of the two because its obvious that it’s wrong… if it wasn’t why would you repeat it again?

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