Hi all, Anne here

So up until now we’ve covered things like length, how to hold your phone and what locations to use. But what if you make a mistake?

You know, so many people think that because they’ve made a mistake that they need to stop everything, rewind, go back and record again. The good news is, with editing software, you don’t have to.

Just think, say the line, you make a mistake. Pause for a few seconds, take a deep breath, start the line again and say what you meant to say. When editing you can go back and pull out the line that you made the mistake on and leave the new line in.

But the main thing is don’t panic if you make a mistake.

If you make a mistake on the whole video, sure. Go back and record the video. But one line here and there. It’s easy enough to pull out.

Pause. Start the sentence or paragraph or whatever you’re recording again and everything’s fine.

And I’ll see you again next week for the final tip in the five series, A Call To Action. The most important of all your videos. Bye.

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