One thing you’ll see in most social media videos is some form of direction given to clients in the call to action. This is something that I haven’t really focused on in my own videos, mainly giving the direction that I’d see you the next week as a reminder that I was doing weekly tips etc.

So why should you give a call to action? For exactly that reason, you are defining what action your clients or potential clients should be taking. If you are selling products, you want to direct people to where they need to look; if you are wanting people to take part in something, you tell people where to comment and leave feedback etc. You are ensuring that people are aware of what you are expecting of them.

But doesn’t that make every video a sales video? That’s not what I want to do! Nope, because not every call to action is to make a sale then and there. You could be asking for advice, “has this every happened to you? Let me know in the comments below” or you could be asking for recommendations, “I’ll be in this area next week, what should be on my list of things to do? Let me know in the comments below”. Neither of those are directly selling, instead you are building on the level of engagement you have with people. Building the trust that they have in you.

So things that could count as a call to action: directing people to comment on a certain post or video, directing people to check out your website, directing people to download something in particular, directing people to call you, the list goes on and on. It’s an easy way to ensure that engagement is there.

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