Have you looked at the practice videos you did? What did you notice? Was there shaking involved?

Don’t worry, this is easy to overcome!

For more information on the videos I refer to, see https://www.theofficemaven.com.au/category/tips-tricks/ Рbut especially the following:

  1. https://theofficemaven.com.au/463-2/ – to do with length
  2. https://theofficemaven.com.au/video-tips-tricks-part-2-landscape-vs-portrait/– why to film in landscape
  3. https://theofficemaven.com.au/video-tips-tricks-part-3-location/ – what to consider in relation to where you film
  4. https://theofficemaven.com.au/video-tips-tricks-part-4-mistakes/ – what to do if you make a mistake

Note: These links have changed – if you receive an error, please let me know.

As always, if you have any questions – please ask! I don’t mind answering questions and who knows, it might become a topic for my videos.

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